Book Review: Coffee and Cake at Wildflower Lock

The Blurb

Daisy May is embarking on a new chapter of her life as a permanent resident at the idyllic Wildflower Lock. Determined to seize this second chance she’s been granted, Daisy is putting her all into making her new business venture a success. As her friendship with Theo grows ever stronger, her happily ever after seems within reach.

However, life isn’t always smooth sailing. When a string of unfortunate mishaps and an unruly stag party leaves Daisy’s finances in dire straits, she starts to question her decision to launch a coffee shop. But just when she’s nearly lost hope, the mysterious and generous Christian enters her life. Astute and eager to assist Daisy, he proposes a solution that could be the answer to all her problems… or will it be the beginning of even more challenges.

My Review

I wanted to read this book because I used to live on a narrowboat. I loved life afloat and reading Coffee and Cake at Wildflower Lock made me really nostalgic for my boating days. Hats off to Hannah Lynn for really capturing what life on a boat is like. I had quite a few unfortunate mishaps of my own in my early days on board my boat, Aurora.

I always love novels about women launching businesses or tackling creative projects, and this coupled with the boat made this novel ideal for me. Add to that a character who I can really relate to – she’s the sort of woman I’d like as a friend – and a dash of romance and you have the perfect combo.  

Hannah Lynn is a new author to me, and the acid test when I read any book by a new author is this: will the book have me adding her backlist to my TBR pile? The answer here is yes, absolutely!

The only thing I would say was that I should probably have New Beginnings at Wildflower Lock first, but I’m off to read it now!

5/5 stars

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About the Author

Hannah Lynn is the author of over twenty books spanning several genres. As well as signing a new romantic fiction series, Boldwood will be republishing the first of her bestselling Sweet Shop series, inspired by her Cotswolds childhood, The Sweet Shop of Second Chances in April 2023.




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