Book Review: Lean on Me

The Blurb

Faith tries on her future mother-in-law’s wedding dress in preparation for her own wedding, her tears are not of joy. The hideous frock is nicknamed ‘The Ghost Web’ by Faith’s best friend Marilyn, who can’t understand why Faith would even consider wearing it. But there’s a lot Marilyn doesn’t know about Faith – not the least of which is that Faith is just the latest of the names she has called herself.

Faith and her brother Sam survived a traumatic childhood which included having to change their names to hide from the past, but surviving has left scars. Faith’s generous fiancé Perry doesn’t just promise to be a partner, he offers freedom and security, and enough kindness to keep Faith squashing down any doubts on what ‘being in love’ really means.

It’s not until she meets an extraordinary group of women at the Grace Chapel choir, that things start to become crystal clear. As choir-leader extraordinaire, the indomitable Hester, holds a mirror up to her ragtag group of singers, all with their own burdens and insecurities, and teaches them to see how magnificent they are, so Faith can dare to dream of a future where she and Sam can stop running and she might even be ready to accept the love that she deserves.

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My Review

This was my first Beth Moran book and the acid test whenever I try a new author is, would I read another book by this author?

The answer here is a resounding yes, I would!

I enjoyed this book. The choir elements were fun, not least because I used to teach singing and have run choirs myself. In the past, I’ve also had my share of boyfriends with pushy mothers, so could relate to the hideous wedding dress scenario. But the bit I enjoyed most was probably the more serious element of the book – the story of Faith and Sam’s difficult childhood. I love books that get under the skin of a character like this, so that you can see why they act the way they do. This book really tugs on the heartstrings and is definitely one I’d recommend.

About the author

Beth Moran initially worked as a biochemist and then taught antenatal classes before becoming an author. She loves to write contemporary women’s fiction set in and around Sherwood Forest, where she lives with her family.




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