Book Review: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

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My review


The blurb didn’t give away much and from the title, I was expecting a conventional romance book.

This is not a conventional romance book. Far from it.

From the very first page, it reminded me of one of my favourite books ever, The Rosie Project. The protagonist Michael Lamb reminded me so much of Professor Don Tillman in the Rosie Project, and he’s every bit as lovable and every bit as funny.

Michael is working on (another) PhD and this time he’s studying how boys from disadvantaged backgrounds are exposed to a culture of toxic masculinity and how this adversely affects their relationships with females. His PhD supervisor, Bethany Balls, has sent him into a school to do a case study with Callum, but Callum is not at all what Michael expected.

The book alternates between chapters written from Michael’s point-of-view and chapters written from Callum’s in the guise of the interview transcripts. One thing I really liked was that the voice of these different points of view is completely different. Suzy K Quinn has really captured the voice of a boy and Callum is absolutely hilarious at times.

In the book, we also meet Angel Rain, the girl whom Callum has a crush on, but whose father tries to scupper their friendship, and Ifeoma, Michael’s ex-girlfriend whom he split up from the previous Christmas. There’s a whole host of other delightful characters; my favourite was definitely the classroom assistant Miss Hussain with her glamourous hijabs, glittery fingernails and heart of gold. And let’s not forget the tadpoles; I loved the way they kept appearing at intervals through the book.

Overall, this is a light, easy and delightful read that would, in my opinion, appeal to readers who like Mike Gayle, Graeme Simsion and Cecilia Ahern.

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About the Author

Suzy K Quinn writes edgy romantic comedy and has sold over 1 million books worldwide. She is a bestseller in the UK, US and Germany and has plans for total world domination with literary love bombs in the near future. So watch this space. Then go read one of her books.

Suzy lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, with her husband Demi and two daughters. Her twin sister, Cate Quinn, is also a bestseller author.

Suzy loves her readers and is ALWAYS happy to chat. You can find her @suzykquinn on most social media channels.

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