My lockdown album 2020

March 14th: final afternoon tea before we opt to go into “hibernation”.
Delighted that the nationwide lockdown means we see the deer in our garden on an almost daily basis.
A visitor we never knew about till we got a wildlife camera.
Seeing wildlife is one of the joys of the lockdown – this is a red kite.
The new-born lambs in fields near the house: a sign of hope when things feel pretty grim.
DIY lockdown haircut!
Discovering places on our doorstep that we didn’t know about before.
“Thank you NHS” sign spotted on one of our daily walks.
Attempts to stop hubby getting too close to the couriers.
Bit obsessed with food – well, there’s not much else to do! Our first Gousto box.
The first of many veg boxes which often included things we’d never cooked before.
Take my anger at the government out on some gingernuts to make a base for a lime and ginger cheesecake.
Baking our own bread.
Our friend Rob enforcing the two-metre rule!
A rare trip out to see an even rarer bird: the hoopoe.
Lockdown creativity: the transformation of Ikea moppe drawers.
So bored we take to gardening, clearing an area of grass.
Not exactly a bumper fruit harvest.
Can some manure increase productivity?
Decluttering: my painting had to go.
Thanks to the van and the porta-potty, we had a holiday whilst still shielding.
Our wild camping spot in Scotland: heaven!
So bored that I decide to attempt to get fit!
Magda’s wedding which we watched on Zoom

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